Why People Love Living in Manhattan Beach

Why People Love Living in Manhattan Beach

With its gorgeous views and spectacular weather, Manhattan Beach is a picture-perfect ocean oasis. This scenic city is incredibly safe and friendly too, making it one of the best places to live on the West Coast.

However, there’s more to this California beach spot than meets the eye. Apart from its stunning coastlines, Manhattan Beach touts a healthy lifestyle with all types of outdoor sports and dining options to enjoy. The city’s charming downtown is also full of boutique shops and nightlife venues. Whether it be playing volleyball on white sands or savoring a rejuvenating fresh-pressed juice, there’s no shortage of reasons why people love living in laid-back Manhattan Beach.

Stunning Beaches

Manhattan Beach has some of the most breathtaking beaches on the West Coast. 

Manhattan Beach is the city’s main beach. This coastline is two miles long and has become a popular spot for volleyball, sunbathing, and beach tennis. Manhattan Beach has a flat white-sand shore and surf-ready waves. Manhattan Beach Pier adds to that West Coast feel with its turquoise railings and red-roofed roundhouse, and this iconic landmark marks the division between North and South Manhattan Beach. The Pier is even home to the Roundhouse Aquarium, where you can observe all types of marine life for free! The vibrant sunsets from Manhattan Beach Pier are also unlike any other.

On the other hand, El Porto Beach is known for its large waves, making it a globally-renowned hotspot for professional surfers. This bustling beach is popular with an upbeat crowd as it is easily accessible. El Porto Beach is also beautiful with its bright blue waters and seashore lined with luscious green palm trees. Both of these idyllic coastlines give Manhattan Beach that laid-back feel that makes living in this city so relaxing. 

Healthy Lifestyle

California is known for being one of the healthiest states in the country, and the city of Manhattan Beach is no exception. Plus, living by the ocean is known to have positive impacts on both physiological and physical well-being. 

In 2010, Manhattan Beach committed to the Blue Zones Project, which is a wellness initiative led by the Beach Cities Health District. The Project focuses on helping the entire community make healthier choices in their personal and professional lives. Those living in Blue Zones — like Manhattan Beach — have also been shown to live longer lives.

In Manhattan Beach, you will find an abundance of walking and biking paths, healthy dining options, and a smoke-free policy. Active transportation is the trend in Manhattan Beach, with walkable and bikeable paths throughout. Getting around the city without a car is easy and has made the community more physically active. Currently, there are 100 Blue Zones restaurants and five Blue Zones grocery stores full of natural food options. The Downtown Manhattan Beach Farmers’ Market runs every Tuesday, providing the freshest farm-to-table foods for residents. Smoking in public places has also been banned in Manhattan Beach. Not only does this protect the health of residents, but deals with the issue of cigarette pollution too. 

With the implementation of the Blue Zones Project, the quality of life has increased for Manhattan Beach residents. The community members are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and have launched numerous wellness and recreational programs to maintain this way of life.

An Abundance of Outdoor Sports

With the perfect Southern Californian weather, outdoor sports are a part of everyday life in Manhattan Beach. This outdoorsy city has a plethora of parks, facilities, and recreational leagues to stay active. Try your hand at tennis, pickleball, or paddleball. You can also join a softball or kickball league, or take part in a Beach Boot Camp.

Manhattan County Beach is the home of beach volleyball and boasts numerous courts along its soft, flat sands. The Manhattan Beach Open — which is a professional beach volleyball tournament — is even held here every August. Manhattan Beach also has a 22-mile bike path — known as “The Strand” — that runs parallel to the shoreline. This long, paved path is also a well-liked walking and jogging spot too.

El Porto Beach is one of the best places to surf in the country with its massive waves and sandy bottom. Great for beginners to intermediate surfers, this beach is a fun yet safe place to catch some waves. El Porto has sand volleyball courts as well, along with access to “The Strand.” All of this and more makes Manhattan Beach an ideal place for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Plenty of Quality Dining Options

The posh city of Manhattan Beach has all types of healthy and quality dining options to choose from. Downtown Manhattan Beach has different local restaurants, cafes, and delis serving a wide range of menu items. Many of these eateries are even run by famous chefs! Whether it be Italian, Asian, Mexican, or Greek, there is no shortage of options in this beachside city. Since Manhattan Beach is right on the water, there is a plethora of fresh seafood too. No matter which type of cuisine or atmosphere you are looking for, you are sure to satisfy your craving.

Since the city has placed such an emphasis on healthy food choices, restaurants in Manhattan Beach are known for offering natural locally sourced items. Some of the city’s most popular health foods include açaí bowls, fresh-pressed juices, and smoothies. If you’re looking to cook your meals at home, the Downtown Manhattan Beach Farmers’ Market is stocked full of organic and free-range products. With its eclectic dining options, it’s no wonder that Manhattan Beach has been touted as having some of the best beach food in the country.

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Charming Yet Trendy Downtown

Full of locally owned boutiques and businesses, Downtown Manhattan Beach is charming yet trendy. The downtown area has over 150 retailers including clothing stores, home furnishings, and art galleries. Downtown Manhattan Beach has over 50 restaurants as well, many with scenic ocean views. The downtown nightlife is bustling with energy and features swanky bars and lounges.

There are plenty of events that take place year-round in Downtown Manhattan Beach, such as volleyball tournaments, holiday celebrations, and sidewalk sales. The city’s farmers’ market also sets up shop downtown and features seasonal produce, live music, and children’s entertainment every Tuesday. Whether you’re going for retail therapy, a seasonal event, or a date night, Downtown Manhattan Beach always has something to do.

Friendly and Safe Community

Manhattan Beach is one of the friendliest and safest communities in Southern California. The city is home to around 35,000 people but still has that small-town beach feel. The community is diverse, with people of all ages and backgrounds living in Manhattan Beach.

The community in Manhattan Beach is very tight-knit as well. The walkability of the city, the community’s frequent events, and a plethora of local businesses have all helped residents get to know and support one another. Engaging with the community and other residents is what it’s all about in Manhattan Beach.

Manhattan Beach also has an award-winning police department, which is revered for its fast response times, proactive policing, and friendly disposition throughout the community. With a population of approximately 35,000 residents, Manhattan Beach’s security makes living here feel like you’ve stepped into an idyllic enclave while maintaining the convenient amenities of city living. 

The schools in Manhattan Beach are also top-notch, with many recognized as a “California Distinguished School.” Manhattan Beach was rated the third-best performing school district in all of California. There are several private schools to choose from in the area as well. The coastal community of Manhattan Beach is welcoming and secure, which is why residents tend to stay long-term.

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