Latest Innovations in Real Estate Technology

Latest Innovations in Real Estate Technology

We no longer live in a time when technology is optional. Unless you plan to go entirely off-grid and disconnect from the world, you must stay on top of industry technology trends. Southern California real estate is no exception. Especially in areas like the beach cities of Southern California, real estate agents, and clients want access to as much information as possible about a home to be sold or a home they hope to purchase. Our society is conditioned to having the information we want at our fingertips.

Gone are the days of taking pictures and hoping for a great real estate agent to show your home. Also gone are the times when you had to hope for more information about properties you were seeking. Real estate agents have access to all the information they need, and clients are right to expect round-the-clock service and up-to-date knowledge. Fortunately, the latest innovations in real estate technology serve both real estate agents and their clients on many levels, which leads to better customer service and a better real estate experience for all parties involved.

Real Estate Websites and Software

It is no secret that the world has gone entirely online. It is simply unacceptable today for a real estate office not to have a website with information about the office and the team and listings and testimonials for clients to peruse. We are firmly in the information age, and real estate websites must be updated, accurate, and mobile. Mobile? Yes.

Google now checks for mobile optimization of any website online and ranks accordingly. This truth means clients should be able to access the website of their real estate agent, or potential real estate agent, on their smartphone and have a user-friendly experience. Clients now want to be able to view houses for sale and look at properties that have sold in an instant. Thankfully, technology has made this possible.

Real estate management software and CRM (customer relation management) software now enable real estate agents to handle up-to-date reporting, accounting, monitoring, emails, leads, contracts, and more. This software isn’t new, but it is taking giant leaps in user capability to make the client experience a better and more immediate one.

VR, AR, and Drones

Virtual reality, augmented reality, drones, and IoT (the Internet of Things) are some of the most fun and interesting technology that is making innovative steps forward. These technologies now allow clients to feel as if they are taking an in-person tour of a property, inside and out.

Virtual reality can reproduce a home, augmented reality can take you inside the home and allow you to walk the grounds, drones give you an overview of the neighborhood and surrounding areas, and IoT can help create a digital twin of the space. With all these innovations, you can have a visual experience that goes far deeper than you might get by touring onsite.

Property Valuation with AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide agents, brokers, and clients with algorithms that help predict property values, commissions, and popularity. Access to these tools makes the selling and buying experience more thorough, giving you confidence that you have all the information you need to work with.

Blockchain for Smart Contracts

While we often only think of blockchain technology for cryptocurrency, one of the additional areas in which it is helpful is in the creation and use of smart contracts. Smart contracts using blockchain technology ensure both parties are fully invested in the process and can bring buyers and sellers together by speeding up several of the processes involved in real estate transactions, like verification, property searches, and acquisitions.

Big Data to Cater to Clientele

Yes, big data has been around for many years, but it is being utilized in ways that make a better user experience in recent years. Real estate websites can now target their clients and make a more personal experience by suggesting properties that align with previous choices and allowing clients to tailor those experiences over time.

AI Chatbots as Personal Assistants

Finally, AI chatbots are increasingly coming online as personal assistants to both real estate agents and clients. Chatbots can interact with clients 24/7, answer most questions, and direct client attention properly during business hours. They can also report back to real estate agents with client concerns and issues first thing in the morning so the real estate agent can help the client appropriately as soon as possible.

The user experience has improved greatly in recent years, and AI can now streamline processes and allow real estate agents to interact with larger numbers of clients. While in the past, real estate agents have had to manage data and information as well as field calls, often with the help of hired staff, now much of that data can be managed with AI, and real estate agents and staff can do the important work of offering face time and essential services to clients.

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