7 Manhattan Beach House Remodels that Will Boost Your ROI

7 Manhattan Beach House Remodels that Will Boost Your ROI

Fifty years ago, there was a time when Manhattan Beach real estate was occupied by beach lovers, hippies, and young families. Fast forward to recent years to find all traces of those times are just a distant memory. The 35,183 residents of this sparkling, nearly four-square-mile beachfront city live in one of the country's most sought-after locations. Its market rivals that of the “other” city called Manhattan—sans the beach—on the East Coast.

Manhattan Beach homes boast a median price of $7,500,000—more than double that of the year before when the median price was $3,500,000. The city is in an aggressive seller's market, which means sellers can name their prices and sell to the highest bidder in what is undoubtedly an atmosphere ripe for bidding wars amongst numerous buyers. Average temperatures range from lows of 56 degrees to highs of 69 degrees. Add these pristine conditions to the great, sandy beaches that attract nearly four million visitors a year, and it’s no surprise why buyers are clamoring for their piece of paradise.

Still, whether you have a single-family home or live in a development of Manhattan Beach condos for sale, it would be less than prudent if you relied on location alone to sell your home. If it needs a little sprucing up, your efforts can pay off in the end. Just as the cost of your home should line up with that of your neighborhood, your improvements should line up with your home’s value, too. Here are some remodeling tips that will boost your return on investment.

Remodels to boost the ROI on your Manhattan Beach home

Give the kitchen a facelift

A home's kitchen can make or break a sale, even if the rest of the house is flawless. Outdated cabinets and flooring are the biggest culprits that can turn a "yes" around. Not only are these flaws immediately visible, but they also magnify the fact that kitchens and bathrooms are considered the most expensive rooms to fix or upgrade in a house. If your kitchen has good bones but needs cosmetic refreshing or a partial or complete overhaul, the investment is worth it. Upgrading may be as simple as just switching out kitchen hardware and light fixtures to those with new, modern finishes, such as matte black or satin-finish brass. You can see an ROI of up to 92%.

Create more storage

Suppose you find yourself storing clothes in straw baskets on the floor because there isn't adequate closet space in your bedroom, or there are books and magazines all over the living room. In that case, it's time to create more storage for your belongings. Creating “more” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire a contractor to install pricey, custom built-ins in every room of the house. Prefabricated bookshelves can act as cubby holes that house sturdy straw baskets for new owners, and you can install full-length cupboards with pull-out shelving in the kitchen.

Update the garage door

Suppose you have one of the available Manhattan Beach condos for sale or a single-family detached house. In that case, both can benefit from new garage doors. No one wants to see and hear rickety old wooden doors that take forever to open and close. Investing in sleek, silent rolling doors will garner you nearly 95% return when you sell.

Add a deck

Decks were probably invented just for Manhattan Beach real estate, or at least that's what it seems. The temperate weather and stunning ocean views make decks must-haves for homeowners. Whether you choose to enjoy meals al fresco or bask in the sun, a deck will see an ROI of nearly 70%. Wood decks are usually the go-to choice, but composite decks are growing in popularity for their identical appearances and less need for ongoing maintenance.

Revamp the foyer

Your foyer is the first internal space that homebuyers see, and it sets the entire tone for what's to come. If buyers are looking at several Manhattan Beach condos for sale and they’re all similar, yours will stand out if you focus on making it unique. Update the lighting, so it’s not blinding. Consider finishing the walls with warm colors of Italian plaster or textured wallpaper. Upgrade the front door with a carved wooden showpiece or stained glass design. Think of a high-end restaurant with mood lighting and elegant finishes that engage the senses if you need inspiration.

Tend to your outdoor space 

Curb appeal is a term we all recognize, but sellers must also understand the importance of their homes' backs. Backyards often turn into catch-all spaces for unused grills and children’s toys. Still, there’s no need to invest in professional landscaping and re-design unless your area is genuinely unmanageable. These elements can highlight your space and entice new owners: a space designed with greenery for aesthetics and privacy, proper lighting, a dedicated spot to relax and lounge in, and a place to eat. A bonus is that you can take the furnishings and appliances with you when you move!

Brighten the bathroom

When making decisions, bathrooms and kitchens are the two main rooms that buyers tend to focus on. They are also historically the most expensive rooms to remodel because of plumbing and electrical issues. However, you can make more minor changes to optimize the space. If your bathroom is windowless, opt for adding a window or a skylight to open up the area, especially if there's no room to enlarge the footprint. Consider replacing outdated sinks connected to storage cabinets with modern, above-the-counter bowls with matte hardware, or get rid of the cabinet altogether and install an elegant, freestanding pedestal sink.

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