6 of the Best Outdoor Activities in Hermosa Beach

6 of the Best Outdoor Activities in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach Homes for Sale, are famous for offering residents and tourists an exciting yet laid-back blend of Californian beach atmosphere. Beautiful public spaces rub up against fantastic luxury real estate—and whether you hope to spend your days on the water, at the beach, or exploring the multitude of local parks, there’s something quintessentially California for everyone in Hermosa Beach.

Go to the Beach

It shouldn’t surprise you that putting your feet in the sand and relaxing is one of the best ways to spend a day in Hermosa Beach. That being said, a trip to the beach offers something different for every visitor. There are myriad ways to enjoy the coast depending on your hobbies and lifestyle. Hermosa Beach offers sand volleyball courts, excellent surfing, and safe swimming—but if these activities aren’t your forte, the beach is also perfect for sunbathing and reading a book. It’s one of California’s most famous beaches and with good reason.

Visit the Pier

Originally built in 1904 (and rebuilt in 1913 to better stand the test of time), Hermosa Beach Pier is a great place to visit on a day out. The pier is a popular destination for taking an evening stroll, fishing, and skateboarding, and sticks far out into the Pacific Ocean. In general, Hermosa Beach affords an unbeatable view of mellow surf, sea life, and characteristically Californian people-watching.

Go for a Walk


There are several picturesque destinations to take a stroll in Hermosa Beach. In addition to the pier and beach itself, Hermosa Beach has several serene parks and trails to explore, as well as extremely walkable streets and shopping centers. Veteran's Parkway, also known as Greenbelt Park, is a popular green space among residents and visitors. Veteran's Parkway is a roughly 3.5-mile greenbelt that is shaded and relatively cool thanks to the breeze off the Pacific Ocean. If a stroll in the city is more your thing, try taking a walk along Pier Avenue or The Strand, which passes through the city’s shopping district. 

Go to a Park

Public parks provide one of the best ways to get outside and experience Hermosa Beach. When exploring the city, check out the following parks and take advantage of their SoCal atmosphere.

  • South Park

South Park is located near the southern edge of Hermosa Beach. This popular park has many amenities for families to enjoy, including a playground, a community garden, ball fields, open space, and public restrooms. 

  • Valley Park

autoPhoto courtesy of Hermosa Beach’s website

Located to the west of Veteran's Parkway is Valley Park—a quaint park with ample green space. Valley Park also features a basketball court, picnic areas, and a playground, and hosts annual performing arts events. Valley Park takes up about 5.3 acres and has an amphitheater, and the City of Hermosa Beach has declared it the most widely used park in the city.

Explore the Local Art Scene

autoPhoto courtesy of Hermosa Local’s website

Hermosa Beach has several public art displays dotting the city. A long walk or bike ride can take you to each of them, as most of the murals are centered along Hermosa Avenue and Pier Avenue.

Attend an Event

There is a long list of great events to attend in Hermosa Beach throughout the year. Whether it’s going to an art festival, attending a concert, or enjoying outdoor athletic events, there’s something local and entertaining for everyone. 

  • Fiesta Hermosa

For over 50 years, Fiesta Hermosa has been a popular festival in Hermosa Beach. Originally named Fiesta de las Artes, Fiesta Hermosa is the largest beachside arts and crafts festival in Southern California. In addition to artwork and crafts for sale, Fiesta Hermosa also features live music, making it a fun day that also supports local artists.

  • Pride

Taking place towards the end of June, Hermosa Beach’s Pride event is a full day of fun activities for people of all ages. With parties, live music, and other celebrations, Hermosa Beach’s Pride is the perfect way to show support for the SoCal LGBTQ+ community while also having a great time near the beach.

  • Athletic Events

As mentioned before, beach sports are a big part of life in Hermosa Beach. If you’re looking for a great way to stay active and participate in a community event, try checking out the city’s event page to see availability for beach volleyball tournaments, surfing, and other outdoor sporting events. The beachfront is also a famously good place to ride and skateboard and take in the scene.

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